In the short time we spent together I found that I got a lot out of it. It’s nothing that us sales people don’t know, but that’s exactly what is needed… to keep it “top of mind”. I scored less out of a hundred than ideal, but it’s now on the way up. Thanks. Sam Vescio, MMJ Real Estate


100/100 Sales For Your Team

Firstly, this does not replace your existing sales training. Rather it’s a one hour, in and out of your office, leaving your team razor sharp on the basics that even the best sales people can let slip.

Would everyone in your team score 10/10 avoiding call reluctance? 10/10 referral generation? 10/10 active listening (and low waffle replies)? 10/10 sales cycle focus? 10/10 authenticity? and the other fundamental sales skills.   So in quick time we self assess for each one.  Write a self improvement plan for each one.  Action it to be 100/100 sales people. Done!

1 person or 40 in any sales environment.  2, 5 or 10% improvement gives your business a seriously good ROI for a very modest outlay. And their weekly checklist ensures lasting returns from the initiative.  Perfect for owners and sales teams.

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When not sharpening the sales skills of others, Sam sells fine Egyptian cotton sheets door to door in cities and country towns across Australia.  He sells heaps and heaps of them.  Sounds like a tough gig?  Nah, repeat customers greet him with a hug.  New ones not only leave with product, they have big smiles on their faces.  Sam really has authentic relationship selling worked out and he is ready to share it with your team.

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